Beyond Noah’s Ark empowers people to become active makers of their Jewish experience through collaborative project-based creation


Beyond Noah's Ark is

People asking questions of their spiritual and religious lives.

People engaged with the community around them.

Thinking beyond texts - without replacing them, but by complementing and enriching through material engagement.

A deep sense of Jewish identity and tradition but accessible to all.


We have four core or guiding values:

Deeper sense of open community, fostered through post-denominational inter-generational hevruta creation.

Innovative engagement with spiritual and religious traditions, and Jewish identity.

Provide access to embodied, maker-oriented, sensory-rich and tactile modes of learning.

Empower people to find commitment to a Jewish spiritual path following the thread of authentic personal inquiry.


We Have a dedication to innovation and inquiry-based learning

We seek a new vocabulary of tactile, embodied spirituality.

We are investigating existential questions of meaning through project-based collaborative creation

We facilitate delving into foundational, yet often lesser known, Jewish sources as the basis for making

We are revitalizing a sacred material culture that provides access for all to the depths of Jewish tradition

We provide a third-space of inter-generational, post-denominational Jewish connection